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HiEnergy Water Energizer

Back to nature. Back to healthy water.

This is what the W 100 and W 300 and the HiEnergy Technology can accomplish for you!

After oxygen, water is the second most important substance for life in the physical universe. Everyone needs at least 2 liters  / 2/3 of a gallon of water a day. The quality of the water you drink is most important. The volume you drink comes in only as secondary.

Many people drink low-energy water without even knowing it, some of which is also enriched with micro-dirt particles. It’s not really clean, it just looks like clean, and it has little energy for the body’s cells. In most places, drinking water is low in energy due to mechanical or chemical processing and should therefore be supplied with regenerative energy. Only high-energy water can lead to a higher energy level in your body cells. The structure and information that water contains plays a decisive role in all of this. There are significant and direct links between our health and the quality of the water we drink every day.

How to improve unhealthy water thanks to HiEnergy Technology.

W 100
Price  $198.00

For mobile use for liquid quantity up to 100 ounces 3 liters of sitting water.
5,5″ x 0.47″    138 x 12 mm     0.15 lbs      70 grams

$198.00Add to cart

W 100 application: mobile use. The stainless steel rod is rust-free and energizes a standing amount of water up to 3 liters / 1 gallon in 1 minute. It gives the water back the original, energetic structure and much more, see detailed explanation as below. It is advisable to simply place the W 100 in the container filled with water for one minute only. Or simply contact the outer wall of the container. For 1 minute only.  By container we mean everything that can be filled with liquids, i.e. drinking glasses, bottles, etc. It makes sense to take the W 100 when traveling, as you don’t want to do without the high-energy water to which you are used to when you are out and about like in restaurants, when traveling etc.

W 300
Price  $795.00

For permanent installation and unlimited volume
of floating water.
7.5″ x 2″      190 x 50 mm     1.9 lbs     850 Gramm

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W 300 applications: stationary use suited for single and multi-family houses, company buildings, businesses of all kinds, hotels, farms, breeding businesses of all types of animals, gardeners, nurseries, fitness and wellness centers, etc. The W 300 can be used universally! Another advantage: assembly in 5 minutes, no intervention in the piping system required and no power supplies! The W 300 energizes unlimited amounts of water and gives the water back its natural energetic structure and much more, see detailed explanation as below. For the installation of the W 300, see manual see manual at the very bottom of this page.


I wanted to let you know that your water device W300 is doing wonders.
The descaling is surely happening, our plastic bottle waste has been drastically reduced and I can surely tell the difference in hydration using your harmonized water technology.
One thing that caught my eye the other day was the ionic fizz mineral supplement that I drink, dissolves completely and stays suspended with no stirring and no clumping.
I have been drinking dead water for decades. This is wonderful stuff all around.
Have a great day, and thank you!
– Tom Coyl
Name and address known.

After using Norbert’s W-100 on car excursions I no longer need to make frequent stops.
I now last for several hours on car trips vs. having to quickly hit the rest stops like always before.
– K N
Name and address known.

Hello Norbert,
That’s why I love the healing and health-promoting effects convinced of the instruments and devices from IPC Europe, which harmonize the water and thus give it new positive energies. The “silver rods” (note W 100), I use to “harmonize” the drinking water. The water tastes “rounder”, and “softer”. My digestion has also improved. I am very satisfied that I discovered these products. I thank you for the work that has gone into this product line.. It’s really worth it! – Cecilia Rehberg

Hexagonal (six edges) Structure

The optimal, naturally original, hexagonal, fine clustered structure as it has existed in nature for millions of years, is how the body cells need this structure so that the cells can carry out their life-sustaining work through an optimal metabolism and optimal elimination of harmful substances. Until about 150 years ago, this healthy, natural water was the standard on our planet. The IPC products W 100 und W 300 delivers that exact water structure.

Water crystal analysis according to Dr. Masaru Emoto

Water crystal photography as developed by Dr. Masaru Emoto (Japan 1943 – 2014) reflects energies and information of the water. This technique goes hand in hand with the discovery of Dr. Pollack (University of Washington) as explained in his book: “The 4th phase of water” See on my website under the keyword BOOKS.

The Emoto laboratory has established some regularities and tendencies during the long-term investigations and observations of the water crystal photography. If the water crystals showed a beautiful, ordered hexagonal structure or other special shapes, this meant that this water had very harmonious, very healing effects on the material and immaterial level.

From an energetic point of view, the Emoto laboratory is of the opinion that water needs special harmonic and positive frequencies (vibrations) in order to be able to form hexagons in the form of crystals. See the works and explanations on hexagonal structures of water by the Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto in his books, which I list on my website under the keyword BOOKS.

Only energetically optimal water saturated with pure information forms these beautiful, hexagonal, snowflake-like crystals. Here we are talking about energy-rich, health-promoting, medicinal water-like drinking water with the real spring water characteristics and water from pristine water sources. All of these waters have one thing in common: the hexagonal structure and the smallest molecular clusters! The smaller the molecular clusters, the easier the water can generate the membranes of the cells in our bodies. The ability to measure the size of cluster molecules is made possible by nuclear magnetic resonance technology (NMR). The lower the NMR values, the smaller the clusters. But one can test the rate of absorption (uptake rate) of hexagonal water for yourself very easily in a very practical testing. Just drink two to three glasses of the water when applied any of IPC Wand models in one go. You will not feel full because the body (the cells) is able to absorb and process this water immediately. That is why there is no feeling of fullness/bloating even when drinking large amounts of water!

Water stores information

This subject is a difficult-to-digest pill for many people. Dr. Emoto Masaru proves precisely this as facts in his books, namely that water contains information, can absorb and store it. See his books on my website under the keyword BOOKS. The city’s waterworks supply water according to their own certain regulations and standards, which are based on the purity of the water as drinking water and are regulated by law. However this water is still not truly healthy. What the waterworks cannot filter out, however, is harmful information that is stored in the water.

W100 and W 300 contain related harmonization effect on the harmful information. Everything that humans excrete: metabolic waste, medicines, birth control pills, etc., as well as cleaning agents, chemicals, etc. end up in sewage treatment plants and from there back into surface waters and in the ter the city supplies to you as drinking / household water. The cycle we know begins and ends in the groundwater. The water stores all the information collected in the circuit and gives it back to the users. The municipal utilities can filter certain physical components, but not this energetic information. The IPC technology recognizes this negative information and nullifies this information. Thus, we not only promote the energization of the water, but also its informational value.

Red Blood Cells

The red blood cells, called erythrocytes, are reddish in color because they contain the blood pigment hemoglobin. Hemoglobin binds with oxygen. Too few or too many red blood cells in the blood can indicate various diseases. The red blood cells have a vital function: they transport oxygen to every cell in the body. The “combustion process” produces carbon dioxide. This reaches the lungs in the venous bloodstream and is exhaled out the lungs.

In many people these normally free moving red blood cells are clumped together, this is also known as so-called money rolls. Being clumped these blood cells can transport oxygen only to a very limited extent. The presence of such clots as seen in the microscopy blood tests can reveal such a condition. These clumped red blood cells (money rolls) are often found in people who are toxic, have a very low pH value (too acidic), stressed and high exposure to e-smog ( Wifi, cell phones etc.)

We ran tests on different people. Blood was drawn from the test persons.  See case studies 1 and 2 – before  – as shown below. The test persons then drank 250 mL / 9 ounces of our Hi Energy water which was created by W100 and W300.  Only after 15 minutes drinking this healthy water, a second analysis was carried out using dark field microscopy technology. The results show a clear improvement in the blood analysis. See case studies 1 and 2 below – after – as shown below.

Case study 1 – before
Blood test before drinking Hi Energy water. Here are clearly to see those clumped, so-called “money rolls” red blood cells.

Case study 2 – before
Blood test before drinking Hi Energy water. Here are clearly to see those clumped, so-called “money rolls” red blood cells.

Case study 1 – after
Blood test only 15 minutes after drinking of 250 ml / 9 ounces of energized Hi Energy water. Floating freely in the volume of blood, only to itself red blood cells tangent to the edges are in the dark field microscopy a sure sign of unpolluted blood.

Case study 2 – after
Blood test only 15 minutes after drinking of 250 ml / 9 ounces of energized Hi Energy water. Floating freely in the volume of blood, only to itself red blood cells tangent to the edges are in the dark field microscopy a sure sign of unpolluted blood.


As a “side effect” of the W 300, there is a “gentle decalcification” of the water in pipelines, in containers, in household appliances and prevents new deposits of lime in the water pipelines. See the manual for details.

Therefore, it is quite possible that after installing the W 300, you will initially see more lime in the tap water. However, this lime is polarized and natural and as such it is absorbed by the body, processed and not deposited in the brain or elsewhere. The situation is different with lime which is carried through a pipe system that is decalcified by an electric descaling system. This is done using currents transformed from 117 volts to 12 volts, which work through the pipe into the water and prevent deposits and cause decalcification. This also happens via magnets that are attached to the pipe and have the same purpose. This lime allegedly loses its natural polarity. How it behaves in the body is still largely unexplored.

Redox Potential Measurement of Drinking Water
Energy Value Measurement

The term redox potential (RP) describes the readiness of a substance, water, food, etc. for reduction or oxidation. The RP is of great importance in both the food and water sectors: the lower the RP of the food or water, the stronger its reducing power, which means to bind harmful Free Radicals (FR) to itself. This means that every liquid that a person drinks and every food that one eats has a certain RP. If the RP is low, it binds a lot of FR and thus prevents harmful oxidation of the water or the food in the body.

Conversely, a high RP binds little FR and causes harmful oxidation in the body. This can cause or accelerate energy loss, inflammation, ulcers, cancer, etc. RP is always measured in “mV”  = millivolts.  Water or food with a low RP therefore bind FR and render them (for the most part) and they become harmless! Water or foods with a low RP, i.e. with antioxidant properties, can contribute to human health through the electron binding of harmful FR. A truly good, true spring water with high levels of energy has an RP of approx. 100 – 200 mV.

Water treated with IPC products W100 / W300 has a programmed informational value of 30 mV so that it can “capture” as many radicals as possible. The capture takes place through the binding of the electrons of the FR to the water, which is absorbed by the low RP, and thereby effects their neutralization or rendering them harmless. Good foods have roughly the same RP as water.

The lower the RP, the higher the antioxidant capacity. The higher the redox potential (in each case given in mV), the lower the ability to intercept free radicals and render them harmless by binding them. The lower the RP, the more the body benefits from the water or food. So the body is strengthened and protected. The higher the RP, the more the body has to pull electrons from its own substance in order to capture the harmful FR. So the body is weakened and defenseless. Low RP = high quality! High RP = low, bad quality! The RP is measured electrochemically using electrodes. Ph value, conductivity etc. are all related to the RP.

Our redox potential measurement of water (as above) showed a reduction of 25 mV compared to the comparison value of the previous measurement. This means that the Hi Energy water has a significantly higher energy value than the same water of the pre-measurement. The values are computer-logged and each consist of 60 individual measurements. By using Hi Energy WATER ENERGIZER W 100 or W 300, the redox potential changes by an average of 25 mv lower than the initial measurement. This means that this drinking water has a significantly increased energy value compared to the drinking water in the comparison test. In the very latest development we have further improved and achieve nowadays on average of up to 30 mv.


Only high-energy water causes the cells to “burn” the metabolic products cleanly and purify them accordingly. Proof of the effectiveness of the Hi Energy devices W 100 and W 300 can be checked using suitable measuring methods. E.g .: redox potential measurement method (scientifically recognized), dark field microscopy, kinesiology, verification of the hexagonal structure by a qualified MASURO EMOTO laboratory, scientific tests by the Besa Institute in Austria and more.