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Hi Energy Technology from IPC EUROPE.
A drastic increase in energy can be achieved.

HIGH ENERGY Sole insoles …. the step into fitness, more energy and increased CHI balance. Feel better, more relaxed and younger with each step. In addition to many other aspects, acupuncture points are stimulated once these specially designed SOLE insole are worn.

What if you just feel better …… by simply wearing the HI ENERGY SOLE?

Hi Energy Sole Mini

thickness only 2.3 mm / 0.09”
one size only 19 cm 7.5”

Price $79.00

The MINI insoles are supplied with 4 self-adhesive stickers.
The idea is that when you tack the soles on, they don’t slip or you don’t lose them.
The latter e.g. when used in sandals. And flips flops.

The effectiveness of the technology of this product starts from the day of purchase and is warrantied and limited for exactly 2 years.

On the product itself there is a 6 Months Warranty for normal wear and tear. Warranty is void if Soles become damaged due to intense sports and other physical activity.

$79.00Add to cart

Hi Energy Sole Classic

thickness only 5 mm    0.2”

Price $99.00

Can be cut to fit on the toe end if your size happens to be between 2 sizes.
Provides lasting comfort from heel to toe.

The effectiveness of this product starts from the day of purchase and is limited for exactly 2 years.

$99.00Add to cart

Hi Energy Sole Classic Size S

Euro size 38 
USA size men 5.5
USA size women 7.5
Gr 42 (M) – 10.6” 27 cm

can be cut smaller at toe end

Hi Energy Sole Classic Size M

Euro size 42 
USA size men 9       
USA size women 11
Gr 42 (M) – 10.6” 27 cm

can be cut smaller at toe end

$99.00Add to cart

Hi Energy Sole Classic Size L

Euro size 44
USA size men 11    
USA size women 13
Gr 44 (L) – 11.2” 28,5 cm

can be cut smaller at toe end

$99.00Add to cart

Hi Energy Sole Classic Size XL

Euro size 48
USA size men 15     
USA size women 15
Gr 48 (XL)- 12.2” 31 cm

can be cut smaller at toe end

Our products are scientifically tested and certified by the BESA Institute in Austria.
For results and certificates see

Sole Shoe Inlays make you stronger thanks to Norbert Heuser IPC HiEnergy Technology.

IPC SOLE CLASSIC 1 person strength test with Hi Energy Technology

IPC SOLE CLASSIC 3 persons strength test with Hi Energy Technology

IPC SOLE CLASSIC strength distance tests between 3 persons with Hi Energy Technology

Main product benefits:

  • gives more balance, especially useful for the elderly
  • more stamina
  • can improve performance in sports
  • can improve performance at work
  • you may feel more energy


  • ideal for sports
  • ideal for more easy and relaxed work
  • ideal for fitness and training
  • ideal for high physical stress
  • ideal for support in daily life
  • improves balance problems
  • can be worn below orthopedics

Main Characteristics:

  • lightweight, antibacterial foam
  • perforated surface with high breathability

Our products are BESA tested and certified. Certificates and test results are here.

The HI ENERGY SOLES can increase athletic performance, improve the stamina of everyday life and helps to get on very long days with a lot of work and sports not so tired feet.

For everybody a drastic increase in energy can be achieved, and this in “faster than a second” – that is, quantum physics – without any time delay. And this energy can even be transmitted between people and even over distance – see demo videos below.

IPC EUROPE and their team have been developing this new technology for a long time and named it HI ENERGY TECHNOLOGY. In the base, this technology enhances the natural properties of matter in the domain of Quantum Physics, which knows no space and no time.

IPC EUROPE has already used this technology very efficiently in many different areas of life, as everything on this planet is built only on frequencies. Increasing the quality and energy of drinks and food is just as clear as doubling the lifetime of food.

With the SOLES the body needs less rest, can physically do more and is generally more resilient. Simply more energy.

The flow of energy (CHI) along the meridians is accelerated as well. The oxygen supply and circulation may also increase. All in all, this is a new forward-looking technology. This will be illustrated by practical examples – see our demo videos below.

HI ENERGY TECHNOLOGY as implemented in the different SOLE models significantly improves micro blood circulation. And this can contribute significantly to the process of self-healing.


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Our statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Our products do NOT contain any materials that are magnetic, electromagnetic, radioactive, toxic or corrosive.