• Built-in special designed protonic battery pack with 3 year warranty
  • Protonic Battery can be purchased for replacement separately
  • Portable: no adjustment or installation is required
  • On-Off switch, convenient for comparing results
  • Color: beige or charcoal

Key Product Benefits:

  • Increases breathing efficiency
  • Improves performance in sports and all physically strenuous activities
  • Encourages faster reaction and better body balance
  • Promotes longer periods of uninterrupted sleep

What if you have:

  • less fatigue
  • improved abilty to work harder and longer
  • longer periods of uninterrupted sleep

… all from just positioning one or multiple ROOM ENERGIZER in your room.


For every day activities, without any particular demand.
For physically strenuous activities such as sports and demanding work activities.
For better sleep due to physical problems related to the body