Health Begins with Reason.

On your last office visit did your doctor happen to mention or inquire the following:

  • What kind of water are you drinking?
  • Let’s check your microblood circulation.
  • Let’s check your body’s pH level.
  • Let’s measure your body’s oxygen level.
  • Let’s determine your actual resting body temperature.
  • What is your current stress level in your life?
    etc. etc. etc.

These are points and questions which very rarely are addressed in a consultation.
However all of these are absolutely essential to your health.


1.Body Oxygen Saturation – No need for a doctor.

Oxygen saturation of the red blood cells should be 97% or
Ideal oxygen saturation is 99% – 100%. Most people have a saturation level of 95 –
97%. Levels falling below 95% are an indicator of serious problems.


There is a small and inexpensive measuring device called an Oximeter that you can find in any drug store.
Example: Medisana Pulse Oximeter PM 100 approx. 30 Euro


How do I raise my level of oxygen saturation?
Regular and intense fitness training is the cheapest way to increase oxygen saturation.
You can also buy or rent an oxygen machine with a mask and use it regularly. To intensify and speed the  level of saturation add the MAX02 product from IPC. See this tab on our website:

With the MAX02 you will get a quality of oxygen that is comparable to nothing on this planet. This will be an oxygen that can be absorbed most intensively and easily by the body and into the cells. Higher oxygen saturation in the body means you have a greater resistance to bacteria, viruses, and disease.
Please read more about this on our website under “OXYGEN”.

Keyword: A NEW-THINKING must occur.


2. Body Temperature of 98.6 – No need for a doctor.

The body requires a temperature of 98.6 degrees for optimum function. Through many tests conducted here in the USA, we discovered that the majority of the people tested had body temperature readings of 2 and in some cases even 3 degrees below the standard 98.6.
German researcher Uwe Karstädt has come to the same conclusions. His book “98.6” gives a complete insight into this subject. He points out the consequences and the solutions to bring back body temperature to it’s normal level. This book in English can be ordered through Amazon.
He writes: “…… The measurements often move between 95 degrees and 96.8 degrees. This is not just a bit chilly or uncomfortable. The loss of (only) 1 – 2  degrees in body temperature sounds little, but already means a deficiency of approx. 40 percent enzyme activity. Now we must understand that all our metabolic processes depend on enzymatic reactions. Enzymes only work optimally in a very narrow temperature window. 1 degree C or even 2 degrees will make all the difference between “digested” or “undigested”. Thus, a temperature deficiency can quickly lead to a functional disorder – not just the pancreas …… “.
I highly recommend and encourage you to get his book and read it.

Keyword: A NEW-THINKING must occur.


3.Nutritious Food – No need for a doctor.

For a for a long and healthy life, organic food is the only option. But in my opinion, organic food requires the addition of supplemental enzymes. Please remember: Not everything on Wikipedia is correct and most certainly not everything in a health food store is healthy.

Walk into your health food store with the mind set: “Allmost everything here is crap”. Now proceed to find out what is really healthy by studying every single label and identifying what is really in the food. Everything containing “natural flavors” immediately belongs in a dumpster. Also most of the “filtered fill it yourself” and bottled water on the shelves of a health food store should as well go straight to the dumpster and not be consumed.
For more information please see the “WATER and pH”  tab on our website:
The primary goal of eating is quality over quantity, in regards to the level of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, etc … Poor eating leads to discomfort, digestive problems, illness and obesity.

All of us eat our food way too fast and do not properly chew it. While we are still chewing the food of our first bite, we are already shovel the second load into our mouths. Here is a challenging test for you:
Take your first bite. Now put your fork down on the table away from your hand. Chew and count to 20. Now pick up your fork and take the second bite of food, returning the fork to the table. Then chew 20 times again. If you have done this you have experienced real chewing fo the first time.

Proper chewing has the following positive effects: you eat less, you give the entire digestive system a relief, less fatigue after your meal, weight loss and nutrients are more efficiently absorbed. Your digestion begins in your mouth.

However now in our world we have a problem which in principle contradicts all reason completely. While half of the world is suffering from hunger, the other half enjoys the questionable pleasure of overeating and wasting 30% to 50% of all food. As I say in my workshops: Eating is pleasure – is sex – is excitement. Strawberries with whipped cream or Tiramisu have nothing to do with simple food intake in the actual sense, i.e. beef fillet on lightly steamed figs with shrimp, with thyme and fresh goat cheese milked at full moon etc. etc.

95% of all advertised products that go into your mouth, either beverage or food, are all products that damage the body and bring people into a dependency. Pizza for example, which is one of the worst, alcoholic drinks, dairy products, soda, energy drinks, candies, sweets … etc. etc. The Food Mafia knows exactly what game they playing here.
Keyword: A NEW-THINKING must occur.


4. Nutritional supplements – No need for a doctor.

Unfortunately even organic food can unfortunately not fully compensate for what modern farming and chemicals have done to the soil and to the food supply. We have no other choice but to use sensible trace elements, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, as supplements in addition to our food. But watch out! Because most vitamins like vitamin C are not naturally derived, are not true vitamins, and do not work.
Add vitamin D3 to this the important list. Yes, the body produces its own D3, but only when there is enough sun exposure. A light-skinned person who is far from the equator in the USA or Europe needs an average solar exposure of 20 minutes, 3 times a week. Ideally this would be around noon with some lightweight or little clothing. Seasonal factors can sometimes make this difficult. So may be instead of taking a lunch break in the cafeteria, you can perhaps sit on a park bench or better still go for a walk. People with dark skin, must double this exposure time. The basic problem is that most people are always “indoors”: in the car, apartment, cinema, shopping center, at work, in front of the computer, etc…. We go to work in the morning when it is often not very bright and return in the evening when the sun is already saying goodbye.
A lack of D3 will make you sick and is a primary factor in disease. It is a  simple fact if we do not get enough sunlight we have to compensate with a supplement – D3.
Look at this quote from the book Diabetes 2, by Uwe Karstädt, Germany:
“…. The increased occurrence of these diseases is reduced by the administration of vitamin D3 and the maintenance of a healthy vitamin D3 gel.”
This book is filled with a lot of good and practical information, but is available so far only in German.

Keyword: A NEW-THINKING must occur.


5. Digestion – No need for a doctor.

The prerequisite for effective digestion is a reasonable diet as described above under topic number 3 & 4. The second requirement is the supplemental intake of additional enzymes as described above under topic number 4. In order to digest effectively you must supplement with a Pro-Biotics.

The increased level and use of gluten in food is making it more difficult for metabolism and digestion. Therefore a gluten free diet should be seriously considered.

The last stage of your digestive cycle is the bowel movement. Anyone who does not have 2 to 3 bowel movements per day has an insufficient digestion. With that being said there likely remains one more little known condition which needs attention. As we age we built up a strong and thick layer known as “bio film” which has formed on the walls of our intestines. See the relevant article under the topic number 6 as below “Detox”.

Keyword: A NEW-THINKING must occur.


6. Detoxification – No need for a doctor.

Today we live in a world with more than 75,000 registered chemicals. Millions of petrochemical compounds, and chemtrails contaminate the air we breath and the food we consume. We have absolutely too many toxic substances in and around our bodies. These crucial stress factors in the promotion of disease To this list I will name without hesitation:
Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Diabetes … Also including magnetic, electric, and electromagnetic fields, heavy metals, almagam tooth fillings, mercury, lead, and many more which are on record as contributing to or directly causing almost all these symptoms, conditions, and deseases.

Radioactive exposure during air travel is also part of this repertoire. I have measured with a Geiger counter that the radioactivity in the airplane at cruising altitude is 60 to 80 times higher than on Earth.

These substances listed above have a very long half life and remain in our bodies for a long time. However, we poison ourselves each day routinely with products that may account for up to 80% of our total poisoning in the body. These are products which have a short half-time value. They quickly disappear from the body. However, since these products are constantly being brought back to life every day, the level of poisoning remains relatively high. As already mentioned, they can contribute up to 80% of the poisoning that we have in us.

The use of everyday products we assume are “safe” (as listed below) may account for up to 80% of our total body poisoning! These products have a short half life and are quickly eliminated from the body. However, since these products are constantly being used every day, the poison level remains relatively high.

Examples: Hair products and shampoos, toothpaste, deodorants, bar soap, highly chemical liquid soap, hair color products, clothing and dish detergents, perfumes, room deodorizers, carpet and tile and cleaners, bathroom cleaning products and household cleaners in general. All of these can be substituted easily with organic products.

In addition our food contains weed killing pesticides, Glyphosates, GMO, artificial preservatives and food colors, chemical flavor enhancers, etc..

We also in general experience a low level of oxygen as well as overall pollution both at work and at home. Your normal air conditioner does not filter out the contaminants. People are simply not aware of this.

In addition our food contains weed killing pesticides, glyphosates, GMO, artificial preservatives and food colors, and chemical flavor enhancers typically listed as natural flavors…..

We also must consider infecting products like cell phones, WiFi, GPS, computers (yes, even these), tablets, iPads, etc. We are seriously damaging our bodies due to our willing dependency on these products. Recently the electric car is the new overkiller. See the “ELECTRIC CAR” tab on our website:

We do not need to call out the higher ups who dump their poison chemtrails on us while we continue to  vigorously poison ourselves.

1. Switch to organic food
2. Switch to organic products for personal body care and the household.
3. Get a good air filter machine for the home and workplace.
4. Solve the problem with cell phone, computers, tablets, and electric cars.

For more information please see the “Mobile Phone” tap on our website: http://ipcusacorp.comsafestcellphone/ ”
and the tab “HOUSE BIOLOGY” on our website: http://ipcusacorp.comhouse-biology/

Most of us can personally handle our basic detoxification problem. Change your habit to at least reduce your exposure to toxins. For this you do not need a doctor. It will require a bit more money, but more over it will require NEW-THINKING and a change of your LIFESTYLE, and how your shape your live. Today what we proudly declare as our LIFESTYLE can be more accurately defined as the method we use to screw up our lives. For many this change will be not easy, because it is most uncomfortable to step out of one’s comfort zone.

The simple question is this:
Would you like to live healthier? Would like to live longer with a high degree of health? May be you would enjoy spending the last 10 – 15 years of your life in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s. Is this your heart’s desire? It’s your choice.
You must take into account that when detoxification starts, certain reactions may occur in the body which are not always pleasant: Runing nose, watery eyes, headaches, and lightness in the head may occur. In tougher cases perhaps diarrhea could occur. If the detoxification is too rapid, the process will need to be slowed down. I warn against these extreme types of programs like “detoxification in 10 days” etc ……. Toxis substances must be able to leave the body in a correct and reasonable gradient. Then yet another NEW-THINKING has to occur: No matter how healthy we live we need to detox on a daily basis. It must become a daily habit like brushing our teeth, as we are poisoning ourselves on a daily basis.

So number one – immediately modify your life and reduce your intake and exposure to toxins. Number two get rid of the toxins you already have accumulated in your body. You can find some good methods and contacts that are mainly in the alternative world, as here again your typical doctor has very small knowledge of this and can offer you little to nothing.

Keyword: A NEW-THINKING must occur.


7. Balancing pH in the body – No need for a doctor.

For more information please visit the “WATER and pH” tab on our website:
Keyword: A NEW-THINKING must occur.


8. Drinking the right water & hydration – No need for a doctor.

For more information please visit the “WATER and pH” tab on our website:

Keyword: A NEW-THINKING must occur.


9.Chronic Stress reduction – I do not need a doctor for that.

Stress was once thought of in nature as a short-term condition created by exceptional circumstances. Under stress many normal bodily functions are blocked or diminished. The body engages in a ”fight or flight” reflex to enable the person’s ability to react when facing a life threatening situation. Permanent or long lasting periods of chronic stress harm the body and count as one of the main factors of disease in our society, ”…… Will I loose my job? How do I look? Am I in style? What do others think of me? Does my spouse have a lover? Are my children taking drugs? Can I afford a vacation?  My friends tease me because I have an old cell phone.  I missed the bus. I missed the football game. I am stuck in traffic. I am late ……” . If one can not their stressors under control the the health will be compromised. This is simply a fact. A change is required in mindset and in the attitude how to handle and give objective estimate to the problems of life.
Take a small notepad. Make the following experiment for 1, 2 or 3 days: Make a short list each time you have a stressful thought, problem or situation involving stress. At the end of the day give yourself an assessment for each entry. Try to objective with yourself when you evaluate how important this stress point really was. 1 extremely important, 2 somewhat important and 3 not important. Take a  look at this assessment with a relaxed attitude. I know what I’m talking about with this as I have done for myself and with others. Every chronic stress brings you a step closer to disease and death. That is another fact. You must completely NEWTHINK and align your attitude to things in life which really matter.  Once you have looked death in the eye and overcome the situation your idea of what is really important in life will most likely change.

There are issues which have true importance, and then there are issues which are dramatized by the media, by educational conditioning, friends, well meaning family members. These external influences and are far from being self-determined.
Chronic Stress – Mental Overload – is one of the main causes of disease.

Keyword: A NEW-THINKING must occur.


10. Mental Health and Stability – I do not need a doctor for that.

For basic mental health you do not need a doctor. However you may need guidance if you have a serious problem. It is my personal opinion that neither the psychiatrist nor mind altering drugs are the solution. Drugs do not free a person and will not deliver a state of mental health. The basics of mental health begin with questions such as, whether I like myself, whether I like others and can express that to them. Am I able to be kind and understanding? Self esteem is also a key element. Do I have good intentions and can I show them? Am I fair and honest with myself and others? Do I have real ethics?
Am I dependable and can others rely on me and my word? Do I have integrity? Apparently these are very old-fashioned terms in our present time. But we must start with this. Everything else will follow almost automatically if these basics are established. Personally, I stopped watching TV, reading newspapers and magazines more than 20 years ago. Mental stability is not an easy subject. Of this fact I am fully aware and understand that it might take much more information and well intended guidance than I can express in these few lines.

The mental health issues of children are much easier to handle than those of adults. This remains true even for the most elaborate and ridiculously labeled mental health conditions that the health industry can manage to invent.
The modern medical establishment keeps creating hundreds of so called “diseases” solely based on specific symptoms most of which are simply reactions to the environment and side effects of their treatments.

If you have children with these so-called conditions, just take a look at the following points in order to get all of this under control, possibly without a doctor and without dangerous drugs:

  • are you truly setting a good example for your child?
  • drastic reduction of television
  • drastic reduction of computer games
  • drastic reduction of sugar intake in beverages and food
  • drastic increase of love and time spent with your child, as well as demonstrating real attention and respect
  • drastic increase of true educational toys
  • drastic increase of good traditional topics to occupy their freetime:

Sports, camping, sitting at a campfire, going on an outing, a bicycle ride, creating forms of handmade arts and crafts, learning to play a musical instrument, painting and modeling. Moving activities out of the child’s room and away from the computer and out into the open air. Sharing and enjoying these things with other children together in a group.

You will be amazed how many “sick children” like a miracle are suddenly healthy again when these suggestions are applied.
The list above applies to adults as well.


Keyword: A NEW-THINKING must occur.