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Problems with Thyroids, Thymus and
Pineal Gland compensated by Basic health

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GLANDS ENERGY is specifically aimed to energize the thymus gland, the thyroid glands and the pineal gland. Doing so, the entire immune system is enhanced.

The thymus gland is also referred to as the brain of the body’s own defense or as a school of T lymphocytes, infection-fighting white blood cells. The general medical world says that in adults this organ is located behind the sternum and between your lungs.

The lymphatic system, which includes the thymus gland and bone marrow, is distributed throughout the body. It is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials.  There, the T and B lymphocytes type cells are formed, immune cells that circulate in the bloodstream and destroy foreign body pathogens (disease causing microbes).

In order for T lymphocytes to perform their task, they must first “learn” in the thymus gland to distinguish between self-renewing cells (endogenous) and foreign cells. Consequently, the thymus gland is very much involved in building the immune system. Tapping on the thymus gland helps to regain energy when you feel powerless, tired or exhausted. Then you should feel the energy and strength in the body awaken and a relaxed feeling comes in.

The gorillas always do this before a coming fight in order to gain increased energies. Now you have the choice to “tap” there permanently or simply to wear the GLANDS ENERGY.

Many people have problems with their thyroids as well as with the pineal gland. The pineal gland may be the most underestimated gland in its importance and functions relating to general and mental health.

The main reasons for the malfunctions or misfunctions of the above glands may be caused by: too high toxicity, chronic stress, electromagnetic radiation along with  permanent dehydration that most people suffer from along with poor water quality.

Glands Energy
Basic Health
The Voice

Price $295.00

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Size and Weight:

  • Length: 34 mm, 1.3 “
  • Width: 7 mm, 0.3″
  • Depth: 7 mm, 0.3″
  • Weight: 28 grams, 1 oz

The Voice …. improve your energy, balance your CHI, feel better,
feel more relaxed and younger.

The Voice by IPC Europe is a product for enhancing the sound quality and strength of your voice.


For activities associated with vocally demanding jobs:

  • Singing – lead singers, backing vocals, choir, musical actors, etc.
  • Speech – public speakers, politicians, pastors, teachers, presenters of seminars, salesman, actors, etc.

Directions for use

  • Wear one The GLANDS ENERGY / THE VOICE around the neck

Optional: For better results, place two additional GLANDS ENERGY / THE VOICE symmetrically on each hip, ideally in the left and right pockets forming a triangle.

Key product Benefits

  • Increases breathing efficiency and prevents vocal fatigue
  • Extends the entire vocal range and widens volume dynamics
  • Improves vocal projection and boosts volume
  • Improves articulation, dynamics and intonation
  • Enhances vocal details and intelligibility
  • Encourages faster reaction and better body balance
  • Balances your CHI
  • Feel more relaxed


  • Contemporary jewelry design
  • No adverse effect on the body
  • No maintenance is necessary
  • Stainless steel, special alloy

Size and Weight:

  • Length: 34 mm, 1.3 “
  • Width: 7 mm, 0.3″
  • Depth: 7 mm, 0.3″
  • Weight: 28 grams, 1 oz
Our statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Our products do NOT contain any materials that are magnetic, electromagnetic, radioactive, toxic or corrosive.


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